Ownership Changes and Transaction Advisory Services

Corporate Transaction Advisory

Are you contemplating buying or selling a business? Maybe you are considering taking on a new business partner/investor or merging your operations with another company. No matter what the desired transaction may look like, effective planning done in advance is critical.

Frank Kapitza & Associates, Essex County CPA firm, leverages its valuation expertise to assist clients in making sound business decisions in critical transactions. At Frank Kapitza & Associates we understand the complexity and uncertainty inherent in completing a deal, and we provide consistent, exceptional advisory services.

We have advised boards of directors, special committees, independent trustees, management and other ?duciaries of public and private companies on the ?nancial aspects of a transaction. Our independent advice will assist ?duciaries in ful?lling their duties and will withstand scrutiny, whether it is from shareholders, bondholders, the SEC, or a counterparty to the deal.

Transaction and Corporate Advisory

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  • Solvency opinions for MBO and LBO transactions
  • Fairness opinions associated with going-private transactions
  • Purchase, sale, and joint venture advisement
  • Buy-Sell agreement valuations
  • Valuation of underperforming assets for disposition purposes
  • Merger exchange ratio determinations
  • Internal rate of return and cost of capital analyses
  • Pre-emptive purchase price allocations
  • Accretion / dilution models
  • Enterprise valuation
  • Industry research
  • Market multiple analyses