Strategic Planning for Real Estate Investors

Financial Analysis for Real Estate Investors

Achieving financial success as a real estate investor through vacillating property values and varying profit margins requires strategic planning. At Frank Kapitza & Associates we conduct careful financial analysis and offer concrete financial data to our real estate investor clients throughout the Essex County area. Our firm will prepare financial statements, sales calculations and mortgage amortization schedules to be considered during your decision making process. We make sure you have all the facts and a solid financial plan so you’re equipped to make savvy real estate acquisitions based on careful, comprehensive analysis.

Frank Kapitza & Associates understands the financial requirements of real estate investors better than other Essex County CPA firms. Our extensive experience with all aspects of real estate accounting and investing allows us to provide project-oriented financial analysis to all types of commercial and residential real estate investors.

Financial Analysis for Real Estate Investors

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  • Residential & Commercial Rentals
  • Short-Term Rentals & Vacation Properties (AirBnB, VRBO)
  • Owner-Occupied/Partial Rentals
  • Investment Properties (Fix & Flips)
  • Real Estate Professionals & Property Managers
  • Assumptions
  • Sales calculations
  • Mortgage amortization schedules
  • Cash flow projections
  • Financial statement preparation and analysis